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Welcome to Lazy Beds Canterbury


Here at Canterbury you will find a wide range of bed frames, headboards and mattresses on sale all at great prices. We are pride ourselves to help customers of Canterbury to find the right beds, mattresses or headboards for them. Canterbury is a popular tourist destination due to which We are more than happy to provide beds and mattresses for homes, new homes, hotels, hostels, schools, colleges and universities at discount prices. Children beds, bunk beds, Metal, Divan, Velvet, Fabric, Ottoman, Wooden to guest bed frames we have beds to fit every person needs. Please do get in touch if you have any query.

Delivery to Canterbury is free of charge and it takes 3-7 working days to deliver the product to your home address. We have bed frames in Single, Small single, Double, Small Double, King size and Super king Sizes. Many beds comes with different colours which help you to match the right colour for you bedroom.

What is bed frame or bedstead ?
A bed frame or bedstead is used to position the mattress and base. Bed frames comes in wood, metal, composite or a combination of them. The bed frame is built of head, foot, side rails, and a canopy. Most double and king size beds require some type of center support rail, typically also with extra feet extending down to the floor.


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