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Welcome to Lazy Beds Manchester


At Lazy Beds you can buy cheap quality Beds in Manchester, UK. We provide quality beds for you and for your family at discount prices and it comes in all sort of sizes. Available sizes are 2ft 6 small single, 3ft single, 4ft small double, 4ft 6 double, 5ft kingsize, 6ft super kingsize.
Either you looking for Divan Beds, Leather Beds, Pocket Sprung Beds, Wooden Beds, Bunk Beds, Metal Beds, Electric Adjustable Beds or Beds for children, We have all sort of beds available at discount prices.
Delivery to Manchester is totally free of charge. We deliver to Manchester and we cover whole area of UK.

Available sizes are:
Small single - 2ft 6 inch
Single - 3ft
Small double - 4ft
Double - 4ft 6 inch
Kingsize - 5ft.

What are Divan beds?

A bed consisting of a base and mattress and without footboard or headboard is called divan bed. A divan bed is the most popular and simple form of bed available with different styles available in the UK market. With most of the sellers you can add headboard and mattress with additional prices or sometime a full price as a part of package. There are two types of bases for divans and benifit of divan beds are They are most widely available in the market. Prices are much cheaper than other types of bed. Available in different kind of sizes, shapes and storage options.

Cheap Quality Mattresses For Sale Manchester

At Lazy Beds you can find cheap quality mattresses with free delivery to Manchester. We offer mattresses in different sizes, shapes and prices to suit your budget need. We have mattresses for all sizes of beds. Small Single mattresses, Single Mattresses, Small double Mattresses, Double Mattresses, Kingsize Mattresses.

What are Sleigh Beds
A bed resembling a sleigh, with outward curving head- and footboards is called Sleigh Bed. Often made of wood and quite heavy, the sleigh bed is a result of the French and American Empire period of the early 19th century.
A sleigh bed is a contemporary form of bed which are popular for its bold statement. Sleigh beds are designed with beautiful, sleek curves with a smart and slender look. The style of a sleigh bed is totally different from that of standard bed and so brings style into your bedroom. Sleigh beds may be made of wooden and metal but they are most popular in leather style. Sleigh beds are a perfect choice for modern or contemporary styled houses and can contribute alot in enhancing the beauty of your room.
The variety of maufacturer made sleigh beds. e.g Harmony, Romney, Shimla, Oxford & Swan.
To buy any sliegh bed please visit the page : Sleigh Beds


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